Summer Is Done

I realize the title makes me sound as if I’ve been seriously out of touch with reality, but I’m talking about my Nova Scotia tidal marsh landscape series. The fourth one, summer, is close to completion, some five years after I began the series with autumn.

There was no logic to the order I worked in – autumn, spring, winter, summer. It was up to what fabrics appealed to me at the time. All except winter are relatively small, about 15 inches high and 32 inches wide. Winter is roughly double the size of its companions because I goofed when enlarging my drawing. You can read about the earlier landscapes here, here, and here.

Summer presents the same scene – a tidal marsh in Annapolis Royal – from a slightly different perspective. I used the applique construction method I learned from Vikki Pignatelli, with fused applique for the small details like the grasses.

Starting from the bottom, my enlarged drawing with piecing numbers and color notations; my colored pencil drawing; and my piece before fusing applique on. The strips on the left are my freezer paper pattern pieces, made from the bottom drawing.

I had fun making the grasses from slivers of fused fabrics.

Now the fused bits are in place and I plan to add paint/Inktense pencil highlights in a few areas before I quilt it.

I’m linking to Off The Wall Fridays.


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14 responses to “Summer Is Done

  1. I followed your links back to your earlier work and it is all pretty amazing! I think of things like this in my head, but haven’t gotten to the stage of realization. Perhaps you have inspired me to finally break my inertia.

  2. Norma Schlager

    A beautiful piece, well worth waiting for the finish.

  3. It’s beautiful, and I really love how the fabrics work here, adding texture to the landscape, the sky is beautiful even by itself.

  4. Ann Scott

    It’s really beautiful.

  5. I enjoyed looking back to see your other versions of the tidal marsh series. They are lovely.
    A Grand Day Out is also very special.

  6. I’d forgotten all about this series! I like them all but, predictably, I like autumn best. I hope you’ll do one final post and line them all up together!

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