Sewing Is Happening In Moderation

Like many of you, more time on my hands hasn’t translated into more artistic work done. For one, I decided it was time to  learn how to collage. I know, I know, how hard can it be to cut up paper and glue it down. Well, it is different from quilting, if only because you can unsew but you can’t unglue.

But I have continued using my sewing machine to complete two tops. The first features Marcia Derse striped fabrics and inset ovals. The second uses my brown/rust/gold scraps and Jean Wells’ method of making wonky triangles. It also uses Yuwa fabric that’s hung in my closet for about seven years.

The ovals piece (as yet untitled) is about 50 inches long and 23 inches wide, and may end up as a table runner.

The triangle piece, tentatively called “Mind The Gaps,” is 26 inches wide and 37 inches long. I made it as a mindless sewing project, and was surprised to find how many scraps I have in my selected color range.

I have only small scraps left of that Yuwa fabric. The actual color is halfway between that shown above and below. The joys of daytime versus nighttime photography.

My talisman quilt, “Fortune and Fate,” is bogged down in hand stitching. Sorry, but I find hand work boring, not meditative, so I get restless after 15 minutes of it. I keep putting other works in progress up on the design wall and then hauling them off when something I know what to do with comes along. Eventually I’ll talk about them, but for now they rest quietly in the closet, hoping their time will come. In the meantime, I’m linking to Off The Wall Fridays.


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7 responses to “Sewing Is Happening In Moderation

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  2. Lace Flower

    I really like both of your pieces, especially the blue blocks in with the wonky triangles.

  3. Penny

    You may not be able to unglue in collage, but you can glue another piece on top of a part you don’t like, or if you get a telltale glue smudge. Hole punches or small torn shapes to the rescue, and then incorporate those little circles into your composition. Works for me!

  4. Such a good point – “…you can’t unglue.” I like these two quilt pieces, especially the first one pictured, it reminds me of woven piece. I still love handwork but my hands, though they thankfully don’t hurt, often just don’t work the way they used to!

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