Vintage Singer 99-13 Sewing Machine On Offer

Update: My machine has found a new home where she’ll be given TLC.

It’s hard to part with old friends, and this is the machine I learned to sew on, but the time has come to find it a new home. It, or rather she, is a 99-13 portable sewing machine, one of 10,000 made in 1930 in Elizabeth, New Jersey, AD093993, Motor #48-7053, Catalog B.U. 7-E.

She sews forward straight stitch only, and is operated with a knee control. She comes with a complete buttonhole attachment kit, a cord, and assorted other feet and attachmentts that may belong to it or another vintage Singer that belonged to my granny. The 99-13 is considered a portable 3/4 size machine and comes in a bentwood case, though it weighs in the neighborhood of 20 pounds. I had it serviced some years ago, and it still runs and the light works as of two weeks ago. Here’s a post that further describes this machine.

If you are willing to pick it up in Akron, Ohio, it can be yours for $20, with all accessories included. Prices online are all over the map, but I know this model isn’t as desirable as a featherweight. Sorry, but I think shipping costs would be too much to make that option worth anyone’s while.

You can contact me at if you’re interested or have questions.

99-13 front
99-13 case
Buttonhole attachment
Instruction manual for buttonholer #160506
Feet, bobbins, and attachments

Feel free to pass this offer along to anyone you know who might be interested. It might be just the thing for a Singer enthusiast. Thanks.


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5 responses to “Vintage Singer 99-13 Sewing Machine On Offer

  1. Jane Herbst

    I’m happy for 99-13 and you, Joanna, that your vintage machine has found a loving home. It’s a win for all involved.

  2. Jane Herbst

    Joanna, this brings back good memories of learning to sew on my Mom’s machine, full-sized, but like this one it had straight stitch only and had a knee control lever. It took me the longest time to adapt to a foot pedal! I’ll share the info with guild-mates and other friends. Good luck with “good-bye.”

  3. I’m glad I don’t live near you because I sure as heck don’t need another machine! It’s pretty though and such a neat curved case. The last machine I bought for myself, for a couple hundred dollars, I turned around and donated to a school.

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