Beyond Four Corners

My latest finish, “The Eyes Have It,” has two square corners out of ten. If that sounds like a lot of corners, it’s because I joined several already quilted pieces into a larger composition and rounded almost all the corners. Since the pieces are zigzagged together, it was easy to develop a nontraditional shape. In fact, it was a lot like collaging.

“The Eyes Have It” 24″ wide by 47″ high
Shown hanging in morning light. It looks different in the afternoon.

A little background – I save quilted bits I trim, plus I cut up finished quilts I decide I don’t like. I also create free motion quilting practice pieces, most recently inspired by Paula Kovarik’s “At Play in the Garden of Stitch.” Enough white/ecru/black pieces had accumulated I decided to combine them. I filled in gaps with newly quilted pieces, mostly from Maria Derse fabrics.

Here are the stages.

Draft 1, auditioning the pieces to be used.

Draft 2, beginning to be irregular.

Draft 3, before rounding corners and placing large circle.

Looking back, I can see I am drawn to irregularly shaped quilts, despite the headaches of finishing the edges, and dealing with quilt show criteria.

“Wayside Weeds”

“Torii Traces”

“Roundabout” detail

All of the above have “false backs,” a pejorative term used by quilt show judges when they disqualify a work from judging because they can’t see the back of the quilting. I once had a lively discussion about this issue with quilt judges, but the show’s special definition of an art quilt prevailed. Wouldn’t the term “faced back” be more accurate?

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12 responses to “Beyond Four Corners

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  2. Cally

    So glad I bumped into your site today. Like your quilts and attitude !

  3. Jane

    I love it!! So many elements, shapes, textures, …

  4. You are very skilled at irregular edges. “The Eyes Have It” is wonderful and inspiring. The unique hanger tab is clever and works well with the over all shape. I’m remembering a quote (wish I could remember who first said it) “The back of my quilt is nobodies d&%$ business.” I agree with it but, I guess they weren’t submitting work for jury.

    • I think I got the idea of weird edges from Vikki Pignatelli. I had to get more hanging support so a quilt I saw at the recent Artist as Quiltmaker show inspired me to try a different kind of gap in the top edge. I’m over submissions to shows where workmanship is part of judging.

      • I have seen pieces by Vikki Pignatelli and really like the organic edges. “I’m over submissions to shows where workmanship is part of judging.” I hear you!

  5. Oh! I love it! Irregularly shaped quilts are great!

  6. I LOVE this piece. It is so fun and unexpected for a quilt. Graphic and textural too. You inspire me with new ideas all the time.

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