The Wrestling Match Begins

I have one more piece left to quilt, and it’s a doozy quilting-wise. I am enamored of circles and can get carried away when I put them on quilts, not remembering that I will have to quilt them. Of course, that’s not a problem if I take the easy path of straight line quilting.

For “Happy Accidents” I decided to feature circles in the quilting, so easy isn’t likely. It measures 29 by 45 inches,which sounds quite doable until you shove the quilt around 360 degrees a few times. And I plan to emphasize some curves with heavy threads.

Here’s the top after some refinements with Neocolor II pastels.

Color isn’t true.

The copy is pink because my printer’s cyan ink jets were clogged.

Another issue I face is the difficulty of marking the quilting pattern with eraseable markers or pens. Some of the fabric won’t take marks well and the paper resists everything. I may need to make quilting templates with freezer paper and iron them on.

I’ve chosen several threads in different weights so I will be changing colors frequently.

That leads to the last issue (I hope.) I have matched my quilting thread so well I can’t see the previous stitching in the paper areas, where I need to eyeball the new lines from the previous ones, as I can’t mark the paper. Whee!

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14 responses to “The Wrestling Match Begins

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  2. It looks so intricate even as is!
    I had never heard of freezer paper templates or Ann Scott’s hint about using water soluble stablizer so I hope I remember those two possibilities.
    I look forward to seeing how it turns out too!

  3. You have achieved great layers and a lot of movement. Freezer paper was the second place my mind went to, the first being – how perfect do the quilted circles really need to be. This is where I think I’m far less careful than you. I can see though, that the design is probably enough without the quilting being all over the place/less formal (?). I look forward to seeing where you go with this.

  4. Have you considered using a Hera marker to mark the lines for quilting?

  5. I feel the pain of every issue you are describing! I can only wish you luck…but it will be worth it, right?

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