My Go To Color

You know you use a color a lot in your quilts when a friend hands you a fat quarter and says, I thought of you when I saw this (fill in your favorite color) fabric. In my case, the favorite color is a tossup between red and turquoise.

As a child I was drawn to red, especially for my coats; and as an adult I’ve made a quilt called “I Like Red.” But as I look around my living space I realize that I use turquoise and its neighbors (aqua, teal, etc.) far more than red for decorative sewn objects.

On a dreary day recently I amused myself by photographing the turquoise and turquoise adjacent objects I’ve made.

Silk pillow made from recycled skirt and cyanotype pillow from printed crocheted doily.
Quilt made of painted fabrics.
Japanese fabric and scrappy frames in a lap quilt.
Bowl for sewing machine supplies.
Even my shoelaces are turquoise.

And the quilt over my fireplace has turquoise AND red fabrics.

I think my love of vivid colors developed early. One of my favorite childhood Golden Books was called “The Color Kittens” by Margaret Wise Brown. It’s certainly not a classic like her “Goodnight Moon,” but I spent many hours studying the illustrations.

The illustrations are very 1950s.
My darkest secret revealed – why I developed a pouncy approach to color in quilts.

I’d love to hear about your favorite colors and how they came to be your favorites.

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16 responses to “My Go To Color

  1. Mine is black. It may be the absence of color when thinking of light, but in color mixing, it’s the presence of all colors. Plus everything looks good with it.

    • Black is the ultimate neutral, though I wish it wouldn’t show stray threads so much. I have also found that clothing can have a wide array of blacks, depending on the dye used, that can clash with each other.

  2. Anne Kirby

    The Color Kittens!! It was my favorite book that I read to my kids, thanks for that memory!!

  3. My favorite color is turquoise, and I wear it often. But my house is decorated in shades of dusky red, straw yellow, and moss green, because that’s what we had in our old house. That house was bigger and had high ceilings — we needed a lot of warm colors to ground the space. This house is much smaller and I wanted to decorate it in sea glass colors, but I wasn’t about to buy new furniture and area rugs, so we are still using the same stuff. 🙂

    • Hmm, it would be hard to dye rugs and furniture. Our upholstered items are in creams and beiges, so they go with almost everything. I guess the sea glass colors will have to go on your person.

  4. Penny Bruce

    You forgot to mention your turquoise frames on your glasses. Red and turquoise are a great combination. I don’t think I’ve even tried it! Love those leaves on that closeup quilt shot.

  5. I am like you and like all bright colors. If I have to make something monochromatic I will choose the brightest color. My last one was orange and I called it,”Aren’t you glad I didn’t pick Banana.”

  6. Oh, what a lively quilt plus show you have treated us too! Turquoise makes me feel good and it is my favorite. I laugh because I have purchased many turquoise garment pieces thinking that they would go together, only to discover there’s turquoise and there’s turquoise-ish.

    • There’s something about colors in the blue family that make them hard to match unless they are side by side. I have made clothing purchase errors myself due to hubris in thinking I could match tones mentally.

  7. My favorite color now is orange, but it has changed over the years. As a kid, my favorite color was yellow, so I guess it hasn’t moved that far! Years ago, if you would’ve told me orange would be my go-to, I would’ve laughed because I really didn’t like it. After my son was born and he was old enough to choose colors for his room, he wanted orange – bright orange (we went with orange and blues, a bit easier on the eye). Ever since then, I’ve loved orange. One of the bathrooms in my house is painted an intense red orange – it’s my favorite room color in the entire house.

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