Translucent Fabrics Samples and Art

Rather than natter on to you about the different ways to use the transparent qualities of silk organza, let me show you Jeannette Meyer’s class samples. I checked and she is fine with such sharing.

Jeannette Meyer woven organza on organdyTwo curved sets of strips are woven together and sewn around the edges to cotton organdy. The trick to such weaving is to leave a half inch uncut at one edge of your fabric piece. In the sample above, those are the left and top sides.

Meyer organza with machine buttonholeA wonky log cabin block with edges sewn with a machine buttonhole stitch. Fun secondary shapes are made with the irregular seam allowances.

Meyer pujagiA log cabin block with hand sewn pojagi seams.

Meyer flat fell seam layered over silkscreenFlat fell seamed transparent fabric over silk screened fabric.

Meyer organza with machine buttonhole over tucked organdyMachine buttonhole stitched fabric pieces over tucked cotton organdy. You can use matching or contrasting thread to sew the tucks.

Meyer Mary Mashuta orgami foldOrigami folded cotton organdy blocks. Just don’t ask me how to make these. I missed that demo due to issues with my rented Bernina.

These are just a few samples of what we learned in class. It’s fun to play with the different effects you can get by changing which color of organza is on top. If you want to try this kind of seaming at home and are a perfectionist, try 100 weight kimono silk thread for hand sewing. I’m told that Superior Thread’s Tiara line of silk thread is good as well, though it’s a 50 weight.

What kind of art quilts can you make with these techniques? Here are three examples of Jeannette Meyer’s work she brought to class.

Meyer 4I think this piece is part of Meyer’s Storylines series.

Meyer 3 tapas clothThis piece uses tapa cloth with the wrong side up. Jeannette searches out “spoiled” pieces to use. All those dark lines are sewn in. I gather Jeannette’s sewing machine doesn’t like this material.

Meyer 2Crucible is even more spectacular in person.



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7 responses to “Translucent Fabrics Samples and Art

  1. patty

    Beautiful and interesting work! Thanks for posting!

  2. Those are really interesting effects. So far outside my comfort zone! I especially love the Storyline quilt.

  3. It’s a bummer that you missed the part about the origami folding–it look very nice! All of the techniques are interesting–a whole new direction in creativity!

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