Around Here Week 26

In honor of all the fireworks displays that will be set off on the 4th, here’s a botanical fireworks. I have no idea what this six foot tall plant is; most likely a weed, given its size. It could be fun to embroider the bursts of stalks that radiate from the center.


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7 responses to “Around Here Week 26

  1. Perfect plant for the day. It would be lovely in thread work or play. Happy 4th!

  2. This series is generating an awful lot of quilt ideas–you’ll be busy . . .

  3. My first thought was, what a great idea! My second was, I hope that’s not a giant hogweed!

    I don’t know that it is, but you’ll want to do a double check and please be careful.

    • After a moment’s panic I studied the look-alikes section of the DEC website. I think what I photographed is Angelica, not giant hogweed. The plant in question was growing along the towpath near my house, about ten feet from the path. I don’t venture off that path due to fear of snakes and bogs. I’ll look for it when I walk this week to see if it’s blooming.

      • The giant hogweed has flattened heads, like a queen Anne’s lace. Yours has rounded flower heads. That is a little reassuring. Take a look at the leaves, too. Likely it’s not the bad one, but it’s worth the caution!

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