New Year, New Start

It’s just past Epiphany and I have completed my first top of 2020, surely a record for me. Of course conception began quite a few months ago, and the “father,” Frank Lloyd Wright, has long since departed.

Many years ago I was captivated by stained glass windows designed by Wright, and resolved to translate them into a quilt.

Finally, in late 2019 I drew up a rough sketch to work towards my dream. I simplified Wright’s design and deleted the lines of leading.

My color inspiration came from vintage table napkins and sun prints I made from place mats. I added lots of hand dyed and other home manipulated fabrics to the mix, along with commercial solids.

“Calliope” 74 inches long

I tried out many variations on the lower right section, which I won’t bore you with, and had quite the time fitting all the pieces together. Good thing I know about partial seams.

Sad to say, “Calliope” has made a liar of me. I vowed to never make another large piece. This one is 74 inches high and has proved hard to photograph.


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13 responses to “New Year, New Start

  1. Ah, yes, I have similar ambitions, not yet realized. Glad to see you got around to it!

  2. Fabulous, from colors through design.

  3. Another WOW!!! Your interpretation is wonderful. Love the color choices and the mix of fabrics.

  4. Susan M Sawatzky

    this is stunning!

  5. it glows, Jenny! lovely piece.

  6. That is a wonderful piece and truly reflects the inspiration while still being unique. I especially like the use of black, such great contrast.

  7. That is a fantastic quilt! I think you captured the FLW concept well.

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