Spring Green

Green has finally returned to northeast Ohio, and my eyes can’t get enough of it.

A mixed media piece I’m working on uses a lot of what I thought was spring green. It turns out that my crayon memories are false, as what Crayola calls spring green doesn’t jibe with what I recall. However, Target offers children’s comforter sets in what I remember as spring green. Maybe my memory of the spring green crayon is faulty as it came only in the 64 color crayon box. That size box rarely came my way.

My piece, which I named “Fiddleheads,” features painted interfacing in two weights, woven strips of magazine pages, bits of painted mulberry paper, fussy cut bits from a large piece of cloth colored with thickened dye and then stenciled, and silk organza. It’s backed with canvas and held together with fusible and glue right now. I plan to stitch it together with both machine and hand work. At present it measures about 18 inches square.

I like using paper with fabric, though my opinion may change after sewing on paper. I’m a bit nervous about the thin magazine strips as once they’re sewn they can’t be unsewn.

I’m linking to Off The Wall Fridays.


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8 responses to “Spring Green

  1. Very neat piece. I look forward to seeing your stitching, especially the addition of handwork.

  2. charlotte

    If you use matte medium as the glue, thinned with equal parts water and medium, paper to fabric you should be able to sew without any problems

  3. Absolutely love the variations of green, textures and overlapping!

    • Thanks. To me, green variations are what spring is about.

      • Kay Welch

        I agree with you. Many years ago now, a writing group I met with monthly did an exercise – go outside for 15 minutes, walking & seeing all the greens of spring, then write for 30 minutes. Everyone’s perspective and words were so different – reminding us we each see our own way. This is a nice spring piece, and I hope it finishes nicely for you.

      • Thanks for your good wishes for this piece.

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