Paper, Scissors, But No Rock

In parallel with my fabric activities, I have been taking another Jane Davies online course called Mini Collage. Both activities call on color theory and experimentation with color adjacency, but with Jane’s class I get to mix all my own colors rather than choose from my scrap bins.

I won’t bore you with photos of my painted papers. Suffice it to say we were to mix white and black paint with hues, and develop a range of color values. Some of my fellow classmates painted hundreds of papers in glorious colors. Mine were more modest. Many of us had trouble with streaks in our painted surfaces. Some (not me) painted over our papers to get rid of the streaks.

Once I had a large pile of painted papers I cut out shapes and positioned them so they would relate to each other in an interesting fashion. I was to balance light and dark neutrals, brights, and lighter colors in my arrangements. We were encouraged to do several. Here’s my personal best.

I have problems with light neutrals, probably because I hate beige.

Next, I got to actually glue paper down, in many, many three (no more, no less) shape collages on 4.5 by 6 inch pieces of bristol board. The instructions said to do at least 20 and more was better.

I am struggling with getting my papers to lie smoothly, despite copious amounts of matte medium and lots of finger smoothing. I’ve done five so far. I did find that I could smooth out wrinkles with my iron.

Some of my classmates have done 30 already, and theirs are so much more interesting than mine. It’s all part of the learning process, right? I know, I know. Comparison is the thief of joy.

I’m linking to Off The Wall Fridays.


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14 responses to “Paper, Scissors, But No Rock

  1. What fun! You do seem to keep yourself learning and experimenting all the time.

  2. Gwyned

    My first thought – Matisse. I’ve always admired his ability to cut out organic shapes from imagination. You have done it as well. What a fun class.

  3. I think I would really have trouble with this. I am so used to being able to rely on tone-on-tone fabrics and batiks in all their variations that areas of solid color would stump me. But good for you for stretching yourself with this class!

    • Having to create your own solid colors and then combine them in interesting ways allows little wiggle room. And our collages are to be neatly glued as well. Guess who flunked pasting in the early grades?

  4. I think you’re are just fine. It’s hard to let go of comparing our creative work with others. Everybody always seem to be better. I have made great strides in stopping the comparison by telling myself that I’m a creative work in progress, what I choose to create is different from everyone else (even when it’s a simple 9 patch), and I’ve made some lovely quilts that the receivers love. You are one of my go to artist for inspiration to try new things. Have fun playing in your colorful paper.

  5. Looks like a great exercise and you said it… “Comparison is the thief of joy.”
    I had to laugh, yesterday I was making a new mask and I used beige nylon hose for the ear straps (because the fabric was light color), instead of my usual black, and thought to myself – I’m not a fan of beige!

    • I never thought of hose for ear straps. I’d have to see if I have any hose left. Jane is big on telling us not to obsess about our arrangements, but to make a decision and move on.

  6. I like your little collages! Have fun with it. It seems like an interesting class!

  7. Jane Herbst

    What a fun way to play with color and shapes! I’m not sure I want to know what it says about me that I spent as much time looking at the first picture and finding which cut pieces came from the same original as I did appreciating your 3-pieces results. I do love seeing what comes out of your imagination!

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