The Less Glamorous Side of Quilting

After the thrill of designing a new piece is gone you’re left with the more mundane tasks of quilting and edge finishing. I know some people stitch together two or three chunks of fabric and then revel in quilting them, but that’s not me. I enjoy the texture quilting adds to a piece, but usually I don’t go out of my way to do difficult quilting. Two recent finishes are perfect examples of my lax attitude.

For “Cobalt” I quilting curved vertical lines and then accentuated some of them with a Posca marker. Probably I could have couched yarn for a similar effect, but the marker was much easier.
For “Corrugated” I used the serpentine stitch on my portable Pfaff to echo the wiggly lines in the fabric. I learned the Integrated Dual Feed doesn’t do as good a job as the walking foot on my Janome, but that machine is in the shop. Despite lots of ironing and pinning, the foot kept pushing the fabric forward. I need to block this one to eliminate the wonkiness.
“Corrugated” detail

For both quilts I sewed on narrow single fold bindings for a pop of color at the edges, although mostly I face my edges. Again, I find facings easier than bindings.

To continue with my corner cutting theme, I also took short cuts with the two latest fabric bowls I made. Instead of satin stitching over the seams or disguising the seams, I used fabric strips over the seams as decorative elements. I fused on more decorative bits and edges, and called them done.

The inner and outer fabrics are reversed, so the Paula Nadelstern fabric inside the bowl on the left is outside the bowl on the right.

At the rate I’m going, in 2 or 3 years I will simply glue everything together, and know it will last my lifetime.

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14 responses to “The Less Glamorous Side of Quilting

  1. Rebecca Grace

    But you know, the quilting you did is absolutely PERFECT to complement each of these pieces. I adore Cobalt! “Fancy Schmancy” quilting would have been completely out of place and overwhelming. I love what you’re doing!

  2. One of the best part of art quilting, IMHO, is that there are no rules. I will go to town with my FMQ, because I enjoy that process of creation as much working out composition and piecing. I do ignore the “rule” of not crossing over stitching if by crossing I can get where I need to go without negative impact. If we all followed the same style and used the same techniques what a boring art world that would be.

  3. Barbara Lockwood

    “At the rate I’m going, in 2 or 3 years I will simply glue everything together, and know it will last my lifetime.” Great attitude.
    I love designing quilts but hate quilting them. I just quilted a king size on my machine which has a small harp(?). It was hell. Right now I have probably upward of 2 dozen UFOs the majority just need quilted. I am saving for a new more quilting friendly machine. I look at many of the big show quilts with there intense quilting and admire there skill and dedication but nope to that. For me it is all about color and design.
    I love your cobalt piece, especially the “donut” in the upper left I think it adds so much interest.

    • Another attitude change that’s come with age is, it’s OK not to quilt every top. Maybe decide which you think are worth finishing, and you can use others as backings. Yes, the big national shows often stress workmanship, sometimes at the expense of color and design, IMHO, but if you’re quilting for personal pleasure then do it your way. As for the donut, that’s a photo of a skein of yarn, seen from the top.

  4. When you posted these quilts on Instagram I zoomed in and still couldn’t figure out the blue lines, now I know, you are so smart using the marker. IMO, your quilting is just right for your designs. Your bowls are always fun to see. Great job on finishing more projects.

  5. Whatever gets the job done works for me!

  6. Chris Wheeler

    Two great finishes! I so enjoy reading about your artistic process as you work,and every so often your humor catches me off guard, this time no exception 😂😂😂

  7. jennyklyon

    Cobalt, Posca markers – brillinat!

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