A Bit of Self Promotion

First, I hope your Thanksgiving, if you celebrate that holiday, was as good as can be expected in this miserable year. It certainly helped me double down on my carbohydrate intake. Second, though I try to keep this blog bragging free, I’m making an exception for two items.

As I told you earlier this year, one of my quilts was selected as the cover for an issue of a local arts and culture magazine called “The Devil Strip.” That name means something to Akron residents. A few months ago the magazine’s staff contacted me to see if I was willing to have my quilt featured in a postcard set they planned to sell. Well, of course. It’s one of five covers available until the end of this month at thedevilstrip.bigcartel.com.

The photo seems to be protected in a way I have no idea how to get around, so here’s a bad shot off Instagram.

While I haven’t entered my work in many shows this year, I decided to enter this year’s virtual International Quilt Festival. So, two of my pieces were accepted as part of the In My Mind exhibit.

“Let The Mystery Be”
“Dark and Deep”

I have no idea how many quilts were entered in this supposedly juried category. I guess I’ll have to attend (virtually) to find out. I understand awards will be determined by attendees’ votes.

For ten bucks you can get a pass for the show. Most lectures and classes are extra. From December 3 to 5 you can get interactive content – classes, vendors, special exhibits, live connect to exhibitors and fellow festival attendees, games, and more during show hours, and a special live lecture by Jenny Lyon, a wonderful free motion quilting teacher. You then have 3 months to continue to view the quilts, experience Open Studios™ (product demos), and shop the vendor mall.

I decided it was probably the only and the cheapest way I’d ever attend the Houston show. Plus, I will have no quilt shipping nightmares. I realize it’s like a virtual museum tour, but it beats nothing at all.

I’m linking to Off The Wall Fridays.


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20 responses to “A Bit of Self Promotion

  1. Diane Bird

    Congratulations!!! I love to see your work get the attention it deserves.

  2. That’s great, congratulations!

  3. Gwyned

    True, a virtual IQF isn’t the same as attending in person, but there are many advantages, as you pointed out. Not only don’t you have shell out bucks for hotels, airfare, ground transportation and meals, but you can attend in your jammies or loungewear. You have front row seats to lectures. Then there is all the time you save, when you only have to walk from one side of your living space to the computer. Congratulations on getting not one but two pieces into the exhibit.

  4. Congratulations! That’s fantastic! I love the quilts. I have always wanted to go to one of the big quilting events, but my trips never seemed to coincide with the events. I really need to take advantage of this year’s events and attend virtually.

  5. Congratulations! And yes, this surely is the cheapest (and likely only) way most of us will attend the IQF!

  6. Cindy and I are so proud of your good news as I’m sure the rest of the COCA group are too.

  7. Jane Herbst

    Congratulations and good for you, Joanna, on both counts! It is so good to see your quilts get much-deserved attention and appreciation! That your pieces earn kudos locally and internationally and in between speaks well of your Vision, choices and skills. This has definitely been a year for finding the joy in the alternatives to “the usual.”.

    • Thanks, though I don’t know if the scatty thoughts I use to make my pieces count as vision. And yes, the un-usual rules this year.

      • Jane Herbst

        Of course your “scatty thoughts” count as vision! Looking at is vision, right? You look at what you’re doing, you either like it or you don’t like it, and you proceed from there. That’s my favorite way of creating, whether fiber, food, gardening, … At least that’s my story, which I will hold to.

      • I guess I see vision as an overarching direction for one’s art. What all those find-your-creativity courses claim to do for you.

  8. Judith Campbell

    I am so proud of you !!!!! Smile face squared!!!

  9. cjlk2012

    What a unique and interesting use of your art quilt! Congrats!

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